Happy New Year!

I’m sure most of us are glad to see the other end of 2020, but it’s not as though all the world’s problems disappeared at midnight because the calendar page flipped. For my part, I want to take more responsibility for myself and my place in the world and encourage others to do the same. I bought myself the Biddy Tarot Planner for 2021 and used the spread suggested to close one year and open the next.

While I was performing this exercise, I followed the advice in the Planner and sat with each question and answered for myself. I then drew all eight cards and interpreted them intuitively. When I read tarot, I usually read Reversed cards with different implications than their Upright counterparts; the number of Reversed cards that came up in this reading indicated that internal work was done and needed doing, which makes sense given the introspection and realigning I did this year. Here’s my “Review and Preview!”


What were my biggest achievements in 2020?

XXI The World (Upright)

  • Not only did the isolation I experienced not crush me mentally, but there were also actually times I felt my mental and emotional health was better than before these events.
  • I realized that, despite the anxiety and depression that have been near-constant companions to me in my life, I’m an optimist, but I know not every situation will work out for the best for everyone.
  • My take on priorities has shifted. I still accept people aren’t required to have the same (or even similar) views, but I understand better now that not everyone will approach differing points of view with respect or open-mindedness.

What were my biggest challenges in 2020?

6 of Wands (Reversed)

  • Coming to terms with my views of “We’re all in this together” directly conflicting with others seeing scenarios as “Us versus Them.”
  • Returning to my retail job and being confronted with hostility or outright aggression while trying to keep everyone safe and healthy. It was more difficult than I had anticipated.

How did I develop as a person in 2020?

7 of Swords (Reversed)

I feel the biggest way I’ve developed as a person was accepting not everything needs to be compared in intensity, but I can work to fix issues where I see too much disparity. The fact that the wealthiest people in the world earned over $1 trillion while others lost jobs or homes, or worked dangerous jobs for not enough compensation, or were told any number of trite phrases by individuals totally out of touch with the experiences of the people they were discussing was appalling.

How does this relate to the 7 of Swords (Reversed)?

I’m going to be vocal about how much this upsets me! It’s not going to come from Erin in her ivory tower, who passes judgements while allowing others to bear the brunt of making changes. I may not have made a fortune during 2020, but I was certainly fortunate, and I can use that to help others. Working with others is important, too. Not only does the man in the card look smug, but he’s also acting alone. Getting all the glory and riches from his get-rich-quick heist will work for him by himself; we need a way for everyone to benefit from hard work.

What did I learn in 2020?

2 of Cups (Reversed)

There’s more emotional friction right under the surface than is often acknowledged. Pasting a smile over seething rage isn’t healthy or sustainable.

How would I describe 2020 in three words?

Page of Swords (Reversed)

☼ eye-opening                                     ☼ disconnected                                    ☼ extreme


What aspects of 2020 can I leave behind?

3 of Cups (Upright)

My interpretation of this card may not fall in line with many books you’ll read, but this is where my intuition stepped in and tapped me on the head. When I looked at this picture, I felt like a spectator. I didn’t feel myself in the image at all. It truly felt like the card was a pane of glass, and I was looking at something I desperately wanted but couldn’t reach through the barrier. I need to leave behind my resentment of what I feel I don’t have, the fear of going for it, which leads to apathy and lack of action, and behaving like a bystander to my own life. I want to connect with the people and causes I care about and actively support them.

What aspects of 2020 can I bring with me into 2021?

2 of Wands (Upright)

For 2021 I want to bring with me this momentum for wanting to effect change. I want to be resilient when things don’t immediately work out or I don’t receive instant gratification for my efforts. The focus needs to be on the importance of these issues changing properly, not always on my timeline.

What new seeds and opportunities are being planted?

King of Wands (Reversed)

This is another card that tells me my heart and imagination are going faster than things will happen. I want the world to change for me, my family, and the world, but I can’t march in and say, “This is how things are now because I said so,” and everything will be exactly how I want it. Long-lasting change will need to be built on firm foundations, but the foundations need to be completed first. Don’t flame out!

To sum it all up…

Let’s be kind to each other and make 2021 a step to the future we want to see!

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