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Discover the October 23rd Healing Light Holistic Fair

I am off to the fair! Given the pandemic our world has been battling since the beginning of last year, one of my favourite activities hasn’t been able to happen. In my current town, a group of amazingly talented and incredibly passionate individuals get together at a community centre and offer their services. I’ll beContinue reading “Discover the October 23rd Healing Light Holistic Fair”


9 Sensational Archetypes

I have been in possession of 3 decks designed by Kim Krans for a while now because I love the imagery but haven’t been ready to use them until recently. There’s a quality of starkness to them, a no-nonsense feeling, that I wasn’t prepared to face. They’ve been calling to me lately, so I’m dippingContinue reading “9 Sensational Archetypes”


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