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Mercury Retrograde Scrabble Scramble

Survive Mercury Retrograde in September 2022

Mercury retrograde is September 9 – October 2 and will be going through Libra (09/09-24/09) and Virgo (24/09-02/10) before righting itself. The best advice during this period is to try to avoid burning the candle at both ends. In Libra, your balance will be thrown off and Virgo’s perfectionism might have you scrambling to steadyContinue reading “Survive Mercury Retrograde in September 2022”

Discover the October 23rd Healing Light Holistic Fair

I am off to the fair! Given the pandemic our world has been battling since the beginning of last year, one of my favourite activities hasn’t been able to happen. In my current town, a group of amazingly talented and incredibly passionate individuals get together at a community centre and offer their services. I’ll beContinue reading “Discover the October 23rd Healing Light Holistic Fair”


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