About EsotericErin

Hi, I’m Erin!

I aspire to be balanced in my approach to life but often find myself in the throes of extremes. No one’s perfect, but I strive to be my best self most of the time; there are few occasions I set out with the intention of causing deliberate harm or problems for anyone else.

As long as I can remember, I’ve been fascinated with concepts that were not strictly tangible. Fantasy books, for example, were my refuge for many of my formative years. I was given a box set of the first three “Harry Potter” books for Christmas in the nineties. That is where I usually tell people my interest began. I waited patiently for my Hogwarts letter even after I turned eleven (incidentally, I’m sure the Magical community was working hard to right itself around that time so I think I’d still go if I received a letter) and I realized they probably wouldn’t extend enrollment opportunities to a North American student.

I’ve dabbled in various esoteric studies since then. I have bookcases (and an e-reader or two) full of Astrology handbooks and tarot spreads, but also tomes devoted to palmistry, crystals, pendulum work, and development of psychic abilities. I try to remain open to different possibilities even if I can’t see or understand the premise. Just because I’ve never studied Physics doesn’t mean I don’t believe in gravity. We all have our own skill sets and no one should be expected to know everything about everything all at once.

Tarot and astrology have spoken to me the most for the longest time. I have a bit of a babyface so when people hear I’ve been using the cards for almost twenty years, they’re pretty surprised. It can be difficult to explain to the uninitiated how what I do isn’t a hard and fast process. I could look at the same spread as another reader and it would be possible to receive two different readings. That doesn’t mean either of us is wrong, we simply have different interpretations.

Two mantras I’ve attempted to adopt are “live and let live” and “you do you”. If something doesn’t impact me directly or endanger unwilling and unwitting victims, it’s none of my business. I know enough to know there are a lot of things I have and will never experience and there aren’t a whole lot of rules I feel should apply universally. Try to be the best you can manage at a given time and assume other people are doing similar.

I think that sums up many of my beliefs and gives a decent outline of what I have to offer. Looking forward to hearing from you.