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Want a Reading?

All services include written summary of what was discussed in the appointment sent to your email within 48 hours

Introductory 30-Minute Tarot Appointment

Whether you’re new to tarot, new to me, or both, this is an opportunity to learn how I conduct a reading. This appointment is a meet-and-greet plus reading (read-and-greet if you will) to see if we’re a good fit to continue working together. It can be nerve-wracking to figure out if you’re compatible with someone, but if we come to the appointment as our authentic selves with a willingness to be open and respectful, we can learn from each other.

45-Minute Tarot Appointment

This enlightening reading is a top pick if you’re wanting clarity for a specific topic in a single session. We’ll get together, have a brief chat about the insight you’re hoping to find, I’ll pull some cards and interpret them for 30 minutes, and we’ll wrap it up with a conversation on your next steps I feel are indicated by the cards. After our time together, you will have a better sense of the why and what next elements of your situation.

60-Minute Tarot Appointment

Some problems take longer than 30 or 45 minutes to work through. An hourlong reading allows us to dive deeper, draw and discuss more cards, and devote our time to single-minded focus on what you can work on in a situation. At the end of your appointment, you will have a clearer perspective on what’s going on in places that you might not be able to access on your own.

Guilt-free 150-Minute Tarot Package

Treat yourself to up to 5 readings of 30 minutes at an amazing price! We start with the Introductory Appointment (see above) if it’s your first time meeting with me, and the remaining 120 minutes are yours to allocate as you see fit. For returning customers, you can schedule your appointments as you like. Each appointment must be a minimum of 30 minutes, but you’re not confined to a single topic for the entirety of your 2.5 hours.

My readings are for entertainment purposes. I cannot and will not give legal or medical advice. Any kind of therapy is outside the scope of my training. Please, reach out with questions.

Esoteric Erin

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