Hi! I thought I’d start with a bit of history about myself:

I love all sorts of mystical, hidden, or esoteric fields. I received my very first tarot deck when I was 10 or 11, but I had been fascinated by the idea of tarot for some time before going into the New Age shop where I picked out the deck that would help broaden my perspective. For me, my interest in tarot progressed to an interest in astrology, runes, palmistry, pendulum magic, and Wicca.

Tarot and astrology are my main focuses, however. It’s comforting for me in a life that has not been smooth to be able to work through potential choices and feel as though there are aspects of my personality and existence that are literally written in the stars.

I started this blog because I wanted a concrete place to write down my experiences and journey through the lovely and varied landscape of tarot. I find I need something that holds me responsible and what’s better than a public forum to keep me accountable?

I want to invite you on this journey with me. Learn with me and teach me! I know I don’t know everything, I would never claim that, but I hope to know more. I have strength in learning by rote, but intuition is not my strong suit. I need to improve my spiritual connection with the cards, with life, and with the universe. Bring your own concerns, your strengths, and your insight.

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